August 01, 2022

No more mistakes! BigPicture 8.6 adds Undo button and Change Log for scheduling

Scheduling & Roadmapping
Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture BigPicture Enterprise
Hosting: Cloud On-prem server
Version(s): 8.6

To err is human. People make mistakes all the time, especially when they work with projects, regardless of their size. The ability to quickly undo these mistakes can be crucial potential problems that can mount from just one mistake. The same goes for updating any potential within the scope – the more up-to-date data the stakeholders have, the stable and more consistent the whole process is.

Change Log for your scheduling

A change log is a record of requests for change submitted for all changes in service. It helps you track the progress of each change from submission through review, approval, implementation, and closure. Importantly, you can manage the change log manually within a document or a spreadsheet or automatically, with a proper tool. Like BigPicture.

With BigPicture 8.6, your daily use just got much easier. Audit Log now provides a global and consistent mechanism for auditing most of the changes related to the Task scheduling changes.

It’s worth noting that change logs are essential. They encourage the development of corrective action plans from both the project manager and the stakeholders. Now you can keep track of the most important changes, as well as every interested party.

Undo button

To solve some of the usability problems, BigPicture 8.6 introduces the Undo button. It can be used to undo the last operation performed, such as:

  • Moving task on Gantt Chart with drag & drop
  • Resizing task on Gantt Chart with drag & drop

The Undo button is grayed out by default. It becomes available when the user performs an operation that can be undone. After pressing the Undo button, the application displays a screen asking the user if he wants to undo the change. This screen shows the name of the operation, the task ID, and the date and time of the operation to be undone.

Many more new features to improve your experience

BigPicture 8.6 offers you many more to do. You can display workloads and the capacity of individuals and teams across the portfolio in the Resources module. Data, such as tasks, resources, risks, and objectives, are also displayed in the respective module. They can be rolled up based on the scope definition or allocated resources. You can also select and move multiple tasks in bulk on the Gantt timeline. This increases the performance of the planning process and reduces time spent on repeatable activities. You can read more about the new features here.

Interested? Feel free to contact our experts and watch our demo to check the essential features of BigPicture apps.