July 28, 2022

Even more freedom. BigPicture gets more synced with your needs

Portfolio-level Management
Resource Management
Product(s): BigGantt BigPicture BigPicture Enterprise
Hosting: Cloud On-prem server
Version(s): 8.6

This is not a drill – BigPicture 8.6 has just arrived. Like its predecessors, it strives to be even more intuitive and convenient. BigPicture 8.6 improves your day-to-day use, deepens integration with Jira, and enhances the large-scale management aspect of your work.

Customizable Gantt chart

Moving every single task on the Gantt chart seems like a tedious, pointless, inefficient task. Meanwhile, the ability to move them in bulk increases the performance of the planning process and reduces time spent on repeatable activities. That’s why in BigPicture 8.6, you can select and move multiple tasks in bulk on the Gantt timeline.

Coordinating complex initiatives also becomes much more accessible. In BigPicture 8.6 and the Gantt module, you can track every change in every work item’s dates and date ranges and immediately understand the situation.

But the most significant change is the Undo button. Date and date range changes that you apply by drag-and-drop moving or resizing items on your Gantt chart can be easily reversed just by clicking it. The Undo button will be grayed out by default. It becomes available when an operation that can be undone appears.

Sync with Jira and manage your resources

BigPicture 8.6 has an option of in-line editing of individual resources. Now, adding an individual resource as a task assignee and editing the assignee field in the task description can be done right in the columns of BigPicture modules. No need to leave the view to assign specific resources – do everything on one screen.

In BigPicture Enterprise, you can sync BigPicture Teams with Jira Groups. If you already have an existing Jira group, you can easily transfer it to BigPicture Enterprise. If you make changes in the Jira group members list, it can be quickly reflected in BigPicture Enterprise using the Synchronize button. Creating teams based on Jira groups requires much less manual effort and more time to focus on softer aspects of team management.

Even bigger control over your portfolio

In BigPicture 8.6, you can display workloads and the capacity of individuals and teams across the portfolio in the Resources module. Data, such as tasks, resources, risks, and objectives, are also displayed in the respective module. They can be rolled up based on the scope definition or allocated resources.

In BigPicture Enterprise, you can use a new type of report – Capacity per period. You can now generate a report that displays the sum of capacity divided into a selected period for the given module. The sum of tasks for the chosen period will consider the given task’s start and end dates and workload contour. The data is provided by the Resource module, and you can group capacity by Skill, Team, or Assignee.

BigPicture 8.6 – group and control your data as you wish

BigPicture lets you automate part of your work or ease up the more tedious elements. Bigger control over your portfolio means better resource allocation and a faster reaction to potential hiccups. Customizable Gantt chart means more intuitive and faster use for you and your team members.

Interested? Feel free to contact our experts and watch our demo to check the essential features of BigPicture apps.