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Software implementation is a critical process that can be challenging and risky. But by following a simple yet effective staggered approach, you can make it smooth and fail-proof. The general idea is to start small—you and your team learn how to set up and use the app on a chosen project. When you successfully customize the app to fit your unique business case or environment, you involve more people and teams to gradually scale the product within your organization.

Step 1

The first step in the BigPicture [BigGantt] software implementation process begins with app installation and user onboarding. At this point, your Jira admin integrates the app with the respective Jira instance version and hosting type used by your organization.

Step 2

When the technical implementation is finished, it’s time to roll out the Pilot. The goal of this step is threefold.

First, it is to define business needs, meaning that you decide who will have access to the app and their role. Based on that, you configure permission levels for those individual users.

Second is to re-think your current processes with a new software in mind. At this point, you take into account how you have planned and carried out your work so far and how you can utilize BigPicture’s [BigGantt’s] to do it better.

And finally, it is to implement those changes and begin actively working with your new software. As you keep going, you monitor the outcomes to perfect the changes and involve new teams into this process.

Step 3

You started small and know the tool well enough to Scale it up and train more people. The software implementation engages new projects, more teams, and organizational roles.

Step 4

The last step is the Continuous development. It does not apply to Agile teams only. It means that by now you and other teams know how to use BigPicture [BigGantt] very well but you still might have much to discover. During the final step, you learn to use more advanced features and engage even more people.

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