Technical implementation

Embed BigPicture in your IT environment

Where to start?

As of now, BigPicture [BigGantt] can be installed only on top of Jira, meaning that you need to have Jira already in use in your organization. When you have this aspect covered, a Jira admin (or addon admin) logs into the Jira account and locates the app. Then, they install the app using the Atlassian’s Universal Plugin Manager to ensure the product compatibility with your Jira instance.

Things to mind

When approaching technical aspects of the software implementation process, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

  1. Hosting compatibility. BigPicture [BigGantt], just like Jira, offers three hosting models: Cloud, Data Center, and Server. You can integrate both products only when they are hosted on the same platform.
  2. Version compatibility. Jira comes in different versions across the three hosting platforms. When installing the app, check which Jira version matches BigPicture [BigGantt].
  3. App sizing. Multiple and large Jira instances with a high volume of users demand powerful hardware. On average, we recommend having at least 20% more memory and hard drive space to ensure a hiccup-free interaction with BigPicture [BigGantt].

Useful Resources:

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User assistance & learning resources

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